Theses and Dissertations Supervised

Doctoral Disserations 

2015                Belem G. Lopez:

2015                Kayoung Kim: English Word Segmentation in Korean-English Biliterates: A Hangul Orthographic Structure Effect

2014                Sumeyra Tosun:

2010                Chaitra Rao:

2007                Hsin-Chin Chen:

2003                Rachel Hull:

1998                Jason Carr:


Masters or Equivalent Theses 

2013                Keen Seong Liew (Psychology)

2012                Belem Lopez (Psychology)

2004                Francisco Martinez (Psychology)

2000                Rachel Hull (Psychology)

1996                Jason Carr (Psychology)


Undergraduate Theses

2017-               Lakshmi Achari (Psychology): Translating in the courtroom.

2013                Joshua Buffington (English): Lexical stress perception in Spanish-English speakers.

2010                Elena Kulikova Pritchett (Russian and Psychology): Of black sheep and white crows: Is bilinguals’ memory for figurative meaning language-specific?

2010                Rebecca Rhodes (Psychology): Handedness and script directionality in relation to graphic production, perception, and aesthetic preference of visual stimuli

2009                Kelly Anne Milliken (Russian): Impact of early language brokering on linguistic and conceptual organization in Spanish-English speakers.

1999                Manisha Parikh (Psychology): Humor perception in men and women: Effect of joke type and gender of joke target.

1997                Alex Quiros (Psychology): Gendered perceptions of humor and its functionality


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